Napoleon WUV035T2AA-N

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Stylish and modern. Sleek and snazzy. Words you would never associate with a furnace until now. Napoleon’s Ultimate 9700 Series gas furnace is the perfect union of form and function, bringing you incomparable heating and home comfort as well as in-home air quality. Two-stage operation increases energy efficiency. A low-fire stage meets most of your heating requirements, however, on colder days, the high-fire stage will provide a boost. UV-C air sanitization technology comes pre-installed in the system to stop pathogens and viruses from spreading. A soft-start and soft-stop gradually increase and decreases the motor speed for quiet operation. The cabinet is also fully insulated further dampening sound transfer. Installation and maintenance are easy. An updated manual provides precise instructions, this unit features multiple positioning options, the parts are modual for easy swapping and the cabinet itself is completely lit with automatic lights.

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